Garage Conversion - Winstanley




Old garage level with drive.

Look where the consumer unit was, I had to move it ten feet, and this was the job ELECSA were using to my yearly check up on!

Back of old garage

Solid concrete raft to build on, but had to go lower with outer skin to meet building Regs

Battened out the wall & filled with 80mm QuinnThem the gas service pipe could'nt be moved so I took it upon myself to cover it with a 6mm steel plate!

Due to lateral loading, I couldn't have two seperate doors side by side, so I made one big one without a pillar

Then put a wall down the centre of it, hey presto, two seperate door ways!

I had to install a new 25mm twin core SWA along the exterior side of the house with an added HBC switched DP 80 amp fuse for cable protection (regs) cable entry down to where the new utilty room was to be constructed. I made a map of where evey cable came from, these are just a few!

SWA terminated & existing consumer unit re-used as it was 17th Ed. I also installed an extractor while I was up there. This is where my electrical training & part P is very useful 

See the four holes in the plaster board wall, over and under the first fix socket outlets?

Do you like my tubes! The customer was installing a plasma on the other side of the wall & wanted the cables to be hidden away, so I made these ducts from downspouts!

Building the utility room dividing wall & installing soft insulation

View from the hallway. There used to be one door into the garage with a step

I jumped the gun a bit here to show a before & after shot
I got the ashpalters in before I built the outer wall to make things easier A great shot of the toothing out Bricks & stone work cills matched and being laid Starting the dry lining
The radiator I fitted with concealed pipework & no ugly boxing in! Plasma ready to go on & door to be put back after the carpet fitters Before After

I really enjoyed this job, an interesting project, great customers, a lovely home & loads of bovril ! 

Cheers for the thankyou Ian, Cathrine & J.J (aged 3)