Kitchen Extension Just Started 4th April - Mr & Mrs Sandbatch - Ashton


Watch this space! ( Due to working 7 days a week, I have'nt had the time to upload all the picks yet!)

Gareth took the conservatory down, ready for the big push!

The garage is going, to make way for a fab new kitchen

The hard slog starts here.

Meet "Blue" our new mascot!

Setting up the levels

Good solid blue clay found at around one metre

A hard days graft, at least the sun came out!

Dug out to the same level as house foundations & added steel

Corner of garage removed

Materials being dropped off

A perfectly level 600mm x 150mm strip foundation

Loading up the trench block for a good start the following day

Bricklaying begins

Crusher run with a grit sand blinding being compacted

Footings in ready for the last course of commons

95mm cavity

Diamond core drill to keep cross flow ventilation under the existing house floor

Vent pipe slotted in

Void being filled  in to prevent any  sagging once the concrete is poured

100mm poly in with a 50mm cross bonded layer over the top & 25mm upstands

The barrow lads with a C35 slab mix

A193 mesh on 90mm mushrooms ready for 150mm of concrete

Temporary commons under doorway and telescopic air vent in view 

An absolutely spot on base

Lots more pics of the inside & fab folding doors to follow, its all nearly done, just need time to get them on here! stay tuned!