Wigan Builders - Chris Smith - Kitchen Extension Wigan - Swinley 2011


                           Before                                                        2 men &12 Weeks Later                                 Showroom Quality Kitchen

Here we have the very latest job, a brilliant open plan kitchen extension for Mr & Mrs Jolley in Swinley,  it has brought the house bang up to date & looks fab on the inside too!

Very soft ground

Pile drivers went down 21 feet!

 Steel box going in

Concrete going in ready to vibe

Lovely level finish

Starting the brickwork

Decided to put the slab on the inside wall

Keeping things dead straight

Existing sub floor needed venting

Diamong core drill did the trick

Telescopic vents going in

Hardcore fill ready for blinding

Its not needed, but I always weld my floor mesh together, just in case!

100mm Kingspan insullation down

Replaced the mesh (welded it first so as it would'nt put holes in the membrane)

Premixed concrete down on the Friday morning

Monday, lovely level floor

Started the patio foundations

Only shallow this time for a dwarf wall

Decided to make the steps a feature

Retaining walls going in

Compaction every 6 inches!

Keeping the place neat as possible

Nice & clean, ready to pop in the walls

Full fill cavity thermabats

Building profiles made the job a doddle

Nice shot of the job, those internal walls to come out

Looking for the correct wall plate height

I decided to go with a longer soffit over hang as they look much better when you are stood under them with a glass of summer plonk!

Taking shape & ready to remove the rear bedroom window.

Proctecting the carpets while we installed a smaller window in the rear bedroom to enable a steeper pitched roof

Ahhh... big Alan, my customer, his kitchen looked like a butty van after we took the window out, so the appropriate signage was erected lol

doors going in.

RSJ going in (colum)








Thanks for all the cakes Kath & thanks for the coffee's Alan!