Hardwood Porch & New Roof Canopy - Bolton Road - Aspull


BEFORE                                               AFTER

 This is a porch I built for a lovely customer in Aspull, a keen dog lover, she needed as much internal floor area as possible and walls that could be wiped down easily. This was done by using just one leaf of brickwork, which was then tanked with a cream coloured fibreglass resin compound as you can see below.

Starting off with the base

Corners & dpc going in

Doors needed to line up


Starting the frames in my workshop

Gluing up the joints

Left to set overnight


Rafters & layboards going in

Valley boards in

Perfect compound mitre joints


Code 4 lead

Valley work on breathable felt

Coming together nicely


Everything needed to be level

One piece fascia so no rotting

Starting the water proofing system


Toughened safety glass as standard

Floor raised with more concrete & latex

Finished tanking colour


 Looking very nice

View from the road

The finised job, beautiful.


Thanks for the Bovril !