Soffits Fascias, Gutters & Dry Verge - Highfield


             BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

       Soffits, Fascias & Dry Verge have got to be one of the jobs that the Cowboys love to do the most, they knock on your door, give you a cheap price, do a terrible job, then ask you for twice as much at the end!

 Here we see a typical installation of mine, where I build the soffits & fascias onto a new solid FRAME instead of just lobbing the plastic straight onto the wonky end rafters like the cowboys do.

Removal of old Fascias

Scaffolding (not ladders) H.S.E Law

Squaring & Leveling

Starting off with a solid framework

Looking good !

Moving to the rear of the property

T&G hollow boards going in

 Beautiful & Clean

Superb wrap round detail

A well crafted box end that is built to last

 Dry verge fitted, using screws into a remedial batten, not just blobs of silicone like the cowboys do in 20 mins

100% Perfect & one satisfied customer.



                  All images are from Chris Smiths own jobs and are code embedded & copywrited - no copying permited

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