Chris Smith Building & Roofing

Customer - Roughly       Location - Standish    Job - New Roof

The existing roof was undulating and needed to be srtaightened up in order to make it dead level, I could have just tiled over it like everyone else, but thats not my style. I also wanted to make the roof "zero maintenance" for the customer by using the latest dry system materials (no need for cement). Its a little more expensive, but cheaper in the long run as your ridge tiles & valleys will never need re-pointing.

Before - with wonky ridge

After - all straightend out

Replacing facia & gutters

Tiles coming off

This is whats under your tiles & the reason why roof painting is a waste of money

Packing up the rafters to get the roof dead level took a while!

Ply support trim going in to support the drip felt, the plastic ones are rubbish

Heavy drip felt going in 

I always use BAA approved membrane, if your having a roof done, this is a MUST.

Treated battens & a breathable membrane laid over heavy tarred drip felt.

bird comb (reversed) fitted

Loading roof

Looking good

Neat code 4 flashing ontop of a rebuilt timber tray

This is what those roof painters are painting over!

Old hip ready to rock & roll!

Strenghtening the rafters

Sunken valley boards to take the tray properly

High profile valley trays

Felt & battens in

Velux trimmed out

Ready for tiling

Tiles on, neat, clean lines

Zero maintenance valley

Zero maintenance ridge system

Neat work around the velux

New joints to conservatory

Testing the roof with a jet wash. Wet G.R.P saddle & top coated.

All cleaned off, no bits left in the gutters.

Absolutley spot on

View of wrapped tile edge

A  first class job for a lovely customer, really enjoyed this one.

Superb zreo maintenane cloaked verge

 Ready for winter, tidy job.

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Roughly, for all the tea & keeping the devil dog well away from us! (god help any would be burglars)


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